Monaco is steadily becoming the world’s capital of healthy dining as it embraces the growing demand for healthier lifestyles, with exquisite organic gastronomy that is also considerate to the environment. The movement has produced a message that looks to inspire people across the world: “healthier dining is healthier for guests and healthier for the planet”.

Monaco is home to restaurants serving some of the finest specialty vegan and vegetarian cuisines. These restaurants also work to ensure that all ingredients are organic and produced sustainably. Even the most selective of diners will fall in love with Monaco cuisine. Here are some of the restaurants that serve the most delectable of Monaco cuisine.

Eat Juice, L’Inattendu(e), and Eat Me by L’Inattendu(e)

Madeleine Badia, founder of L’Inattendu(e), is a pioneer of the Monaco organic food movement. She shares her passion for wholesome holistic food with diners and has been encouraging them to eat more healthfully since 2012. Madeleine Badia, who is trained in naturopathy, developed the menu of natural raw salads to complement the organic juices and smoothies at Eat Juice.

L’Inattendu(e) is a refined restaurant serving visually spectacular gourmet raw food dishes by world-renowned Chef Sylvain Etiévant. The restaurant is located in Rue Biovès, one of Monaco’s oldest, most atmospheric districts. Eat Me by L’Inattendu(e) is a vegan bakery and diner that serves up the perfect vegan snacks and quick lunch bites.


The Head Chef of L'Hirondelle, Jean-Claude Brugel, hails from Tarn-et-Garonne in the Southwest of France. He studied in the hotel industry before settling in the French Riviera. It was there in Côte d'Azur, where he developed his signature style of cooking. Learning from acclaimed chefs Roger Vergé and Joël Garault certainly paid off as Brugel’s unique cooking style won him the prestigious Meilleur Ouvrier de France award.

L'Hirondelle, located at the Thermes Marins in Monte-Carlo, serves refined and healthy cuisine inspired by the seasons and the Mediterranean. Chef Brugel’s creations are low on calories, but fantastically balanced with fresh and natural flavours. Views of the ocean complete a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

Restaurant L'Hirondelle - Signature Raw Vege  Basket with 3 Dressings


In his rise to culinary stardom, Chef Paolo Sari has managed to place Elsa among the top echelon of Monaco’s restaurants. His efforts have also earned him a Michelin star. Chef Sari’s inventive take on contemporary cuisine is largely inspired by the Riviera’s culinary history. The menu developed by Chef Sari focuses on high-quality seasonal produce, a philosophy that allowed Elsa to become the first restaurant to be certified 100 per cent organic.

Restaurant Elsa - Signature Bio Sama

La Pizzeria

Located along the Monte-Carlo beach, La Pizzeria serves authentic Napoli-style wood-fired pizzas. Giovanni Pignieri and Tommaso Rosolia are the geniuses behind these pizzas made with 100 per cent organic ingredients. The famous O Sole Mio pizza—winner of the 2015 Best Pizza award at the 24th Pizza World Championships—is a must-have for all visitors. Pizza by the ocean-front has never sounded this good.

Le Deck

Le Deck offers a relaxing poolside atmosphere that perfectly complements the gourmet seasonal menus inspired by nature. Every Sunday, Le Deck offers visitors a creative organic buffet that features fresh dishes prepared from local ingredients. A selection of market-style stalls are set up on the seafront terrace for a most serene dining experience. 

(Photos from Monaco Government Tourist Bureau)

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