I feel so lucky to have been brought up in Paris. I have an American mother and a French father, and although I've lived in the US for brief periods of time, I always end up coming back to Paris. The city has shaped who I am -- my taste in art, fashion, food, food, my love of literature and my sense of humour are all quintessentially Parisian. 

My ideal day in Paris would start around 8am on the balcony of my apartment on Rue de Bac with coffee and a warm madeleine from the local boulangerie. Then I'd walk across the river to the Perrin design studio -- it's the most beautiful commute in the world. I cross the Seine, walk through the Louvre and past l'Opéra Garnier every motning. En route, I sometimes pop into a history of art class at the Louvre, as there is such a wide variety of topics on offer and they change constantly. I try to go at least once a week to feed my eyes and soul. 

My studio is in the 1st arrondissement, which is filled with Japanese restaurants, so I usually eat my lunch with chopsticks -- Kunitoraya is my favourite. If I'm feeling uninspired in the afternoon, I'll go for a wander and look at the shops. I've loved going to the Bon Marché ever since I was a little girl -- my mother would take me all the time, and I'd pretend to be her personal stylist and help carry her shopping bags. I like it because it's not as crowded as other department stores in Paris. I also go to various small vintage boutiques in the 1st. It's a fun way to shop, as I feel like I'm treasure hunting. 

Paris is filled with millions of spots for an after-work drink, but my favourites are Le Nemours by the Palais Royale for a glass of champagne, or Le Bonaparte in Saint-Germain for a carafe of wine. The waiters at Le Bonaparte are so wonderful; I know them all by name. 

I love Italian food and Le Perron is probably my favourite Italian in the city -- the food is delicious and I love the old-fashioned interiors. If I'm in the mood for French cuisine, I always go to Le Voltaire, which holds a special place in my heart, because I live just above it and have been going there with my father since I was very young. The restaurant's decor and food are so authentic -- few places have such charm. 

But Paris is not just about eating and drinking -- there are also many cultural activities to enjoy. I often go to the Ballet at l'Opera Garnier -- I can't wait to see Benjamin Millepied's new performance there. 

I also try to go to museums on Thursday evenings, when they stay open quite late. I recently rediscovered the Museum of Modern Art and was astonished at how beautiful the permanent collection is. It was the inspiration for my latest connection. 

I try to walk home from wherever I have been, as Paris is so beautiful by night. Then I like to watch a good old movie before falling asleep.