Sipping a glass of chilled wine under the stars in a Qatar Airways’ B787 Dreamliner from Jakarta, an exciting tour of Turkey and Qatar awaited some of the airline’s most elite flyers in June. Bound for Adana, Turkey’s fifth largest city, with a short stopover at Doha, Qatar Airways is proud to present its scheduled services to Adana not long after the launch of the flight between Doha to Adana. Flying three times a day between Jakarta and Doha, these adventure-seekers were promised luxury and comfort on their way to the treasured city of Adana—and Qatar Airways certainly delivered. After all, why wait to arrive at the destination when you can begin to make memories on board?Pic 10 Qatar Airways’ Boeing 787-800.jpg

 Jetting passengers into the sky with the utmost comfort and service, Qatar Airways was lauded as Airline of the Year in Skytrax’s 2017 World Airline Awards and was also awarded for its Business and First classes, among others. With the airline’s 4,000 entertainment options, it didn’t take much effort for the airline’s guests to immerse themselves in another world. Under the dimly lit plane and curling up against one’s seat, Qatar Airways’ Business Class is a home away from home that transports travellers to their dream destinations.

Awaiting the arrival of these Business Class passengers at the five-star Hamad International Airport was a luxurious retreat taking the form of the Al-Mourjan lounge. Located in the heart of the airport’s third level, Qatar Airway’s lounge spans more than 10,000sqm and is spread across two floors, transporting flyers to a world of their own. Fit for any kind of traveller, the Al-Mourjan lounge boasts family rooms, game rooms, quiet rooms, and meeting rooms, among other services. With its Continental and Oriental brasseries, no taste palate is left unattended in the dining area. Though it might have been a short layover, the lounge’s aesthetics were enough to refresh guests’ energy levels, amid Milanese artisan Antonio Citterio’s touches and mastery at melding modern sophistication with the opulent Arabian heritage.IMG_20180222_133439.jpg

With the help of SORS Travel Agency, Qatar’s esteemed guests became some of the first to explore the history and culture of southern Turkey, including Adana. Offering both ready-made and customised travel packages, there’s something for everybody. Iconic for its intriguing history and stance as a religious melting pot, Qatar Airways’ valued passengers were delightfully treated to an unforgettable journey through a passage of time in Turkey[ML1] .

 En route to the old city of Konya, the guests passed through the majestic Taurus Mountains as they anticipated the splendour of the Mevlana Museum. The museum was built surrounding the mausoleum of celebrated 13th-century poet Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi. With its intricate Arabic carvings gracing the walls, the museum visit marks the perfect start to this cultural experience.

 Following the day trip, Qatar’s honoured guests visited the St. Nicholas Church and Myra old city in Antalya. Both the church and the Mevlana Museum, among a vast variety of landmarks, are testament to Turkey’s role as one of the world’s great cultural melting pots. And as if that wasn’t enough, the Greco-Roman Aspendos Antique theatre, famed for the echoes that bounce around its structure, was next on the list of must-see destinations in the Middle Eastern country.IMG_20180223_144745.jpg

Upon returning to Doha, guests resumed their cultural trip by visiting the Islamic Museum, so picturesque that one could easily mistake it as something born out of legend. Stepping right out of olden times, Qatar Tourism Authority had also made sure to add the city’s lively souk to the itinerary. For the thrill-seekers among the guests, the Safari Dunes Tour gave them the ride of their lives. And as the trip came to a close, what better way to mark its end than to sink into Qatar Airways’ Business Class seats and into a deep, restful slumber?


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