With more than 17,500 islands already discovered and identified, surfers will rejoice on the amount of amazing surfing spots available to explore in Indonesia. With long barrelling waves, emerald-green hollow breaks, and with the unique culture and delicious food, surfing in Indonesia is the perfect recipe for a tropical wave paradise. With this in mind, we have prepared seven of the best surfing spots across Indonesia. However, be prepared for surprises because some of our selections are not the usual spots you may already know.

PS: The best time to surf in Indonesia is during the dry season, which usually lasts between April and October.


 1.       Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic

The warm waters of the Mentawai Islands are not only home to both reefs and point breaks, but also to plenty of secluded bays and unmapped territory where you can search for waves far away from the crowds. With more than 400 surf spots available as well as having the most consistent surf break in the globe, no wonder Mentawai Islands are dubbed heaven on earth for all surfers.


2.       Bawa, North Sumatera

Photo: Courtesy of www.indonesia-tourism.com

If you are looking for affordable, warm, crystal-clear waters as well as plenty of beach and reef breaks to play with, head over to Bawa in North Sumatra. Located in the Hinako Islands, Bawa is often referred to as Indonesia’s Sunset Beach. With huge right-hand barrels powered by northwest offshore winds, Bawa will not disappoint surf lovers.

3.       Plengkung Beach (G-Land), Banyuwangi

Photo: Courtesy of Bromo Java Travel

A convenient speedboat ride from the main island of Bali, surfing enthusiasts can delight in Plengkung Beach, more famously known as G-Land, as it is reputed to have the second best swells in the world after Hawaii. The waves are attributable to the South Pole’s sea pressure.

4.       One Palm Point, West Java

Photo: Courtesy of The Surf Travel Company

After a visit to the famous Ujung Kulon National Park, check out Panaitan Island, said to be the home of some of the best waves in Indonesia. Head over to One Palm Point, one of the longest left-hand barrels in the world set on the stunning background of a wild tropical forest that will surely delight all the senses.

5.       Lagundri Bay, Nias Island

Photo: Courtesy of Visit Nias Island

After having a taste of Mentawai Island, surfing enthusiasts can move up north to Nias Island, which is also famous as a top spot for surfing breaks. Have the best surfing experience at the horseshoe-shaped Lagundri Bay, where you can also relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery around the bay while waiting for a swell.

6.       Desert Point, Lombok Island

Photo: Courtesy of The Bali Bible

Aside from the well-known Pink Beach and Mount Rinjani, Lombok also has some of the best surf spots, including Desert Point. Considered as one of the world’s most famous left-hand point breaks, this is the place surfers flock to Lombok for. Locally known as Bangko Bangko, it only fires up a few times a year so expect to compete with hundreds of other surfers for your turn on its peak. Do note that the extremely huge waves are not suitable for beginners or amateurs, but professionals surfers ought to be excited to ride the waves here.

7.       Millers Point, Sumba


Photo: Courtesy of www.baliworldsurfaris.com

Sumba is slowly gaining the recognition it deserves, but as a hidden gem, you will most likely get to try the awesome waves all to yourself. We highly recommend Miller’s Right, which is located on the east coast of Sumba. It is a world-class right-hand point break with long barrelling walls suitable for intermediate and advanced surfers. With the island twice the size of Bali and half the tourist hype, Sumba and its waves will not disappoint.

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