Prepare In Advance 

It’s always better to be too safe than sorry. Get whatever you need in check a few days before your flight – passports, plane tickets, IDs, medications, etc. While travelling, the internet is your best friend: go online and browse through some articles of your travel destination and make sure that you have a few emergency contacts jotted down for safety measures.


Being in foreign territories can be unnerving, whether you’re travelling solo or with company. Do a little research beforehand and get the general idea of the language spoken and the streets you need to get to. Note the address of your hotel down and once you’ve arrived at the airport, grab a cab and show the address to the cabdriver. Nevertheless, if you feel you’ve been going around the same road once too many times, get your phone to track the route from the airport to the hotel to see if your cabdriver isn’t just circling the same area to buy some time to fish some extra cash from your pocket. Once you’ve arrived at your hotel the concierge is typically happy to assist you on which landmarks to see and on the whereabouts of the places you want to go.



Packing is a daunting subject to many, and it’s not hard to see why. Being under packed on a vacation is a dreadful idea, while over packing is another battle on its own. When in doubt, always stick to the basics. Whether you’re travelling to a whimsical winter wonderland blanketed in heaps of snows, or a warm, sun-kissed island, pack whatever essentials you think are relevant to your travel destination. Chances are, once you have arrived at your destination, the holiday mood will kick in and you’ll make some reasonable – and sometimes not so reasonable– purchases. But hey, what are holidays for? Save yourself the trouble of lugging extra, unnecessary baggage and convert to the art of packing light.


Ultimately, it’s best to keep an open mind. Uneasiness that derives from being outside of your comfort zone is normal; embrace it, together with the adventures that come with it, kick back and relax – the rest will follow.

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