Though the school holidays are coming to a close on Monday, this and other weekends are precious times to create more fun and share bonding memories together. Here, we suggest a few places in Jakarta and beyond that will make children from tots right up to young-at-heart grandparents squeal with delight.

Trampoline Parks

Ever experienced jumping on a bed and getting a scolding or even hitting the ceiling? Worry no more and head to Amped Trampoline Park or Bounce Street Asia. Both are located in North Jakarta's Kelapa Gading area and have different types of trampoline setups and separate areas for toddlers. Bounce Street also hosts Bounce Nights with DJs and disco lights, plus after-school programmes. Meanwhile, Amped has different events such as dodgeball games and special prices for early birds. Parties and food options are accommodated on site; reservation, prices, hours and more information can be found on Bounce Street's and Amped's websites.

Laser Tag

Those who love to run instead of jump can go gather friends and families—aged 8 to 88 as recommended—to team up and strategise for laser tag. The game is not merely chasing and shooting at each other, because teams have missions to disarm a bomb, capture a flag and many more. Laser Game has two locations in Kemang and BSD with both boasting rooms and packages for parties or other events. They also have foosball and Laser Golf games on site. For information about different events, as well as info about discounts, hours and more, go to the website.

Room Escape

Have fun flexing your brain to prepare for school at the many escape-from-the-room games available at locations all around Jakarta. One example is Escape Hunt in Kemang that has plenty choices for older children and their parents who wish to be detectives and solve mysteries in one hour. For those with younger kids who have shorter attention spans, House of Trap in Kelapa Gading provides kid-friendly themes that need to be solved in 45 minutes. Each locked room has different difficulties levels through puzzles that require teamwork of four or more. More rules and details, plus opening hours, prices and more, are available at Escape Hunt's and House of Trap's websites.

Sculpture Park

Bandung has plenty of places to explore, including NuArt in the northern area. Families can enjoy cool air in an expansive sculpture park and gallery to learn about art—mostly Nyoman Nuarta's works from the early days to his latest masterpieces. His workshop is also located on-site and it can be toured with a guide who will explain and also caution guests about hazardous materials and tools. A special short course with a minimum of three people can be arranged to make sculptures, paintings, graphic arts, batik and many others. Art boutique and the N café, with its specialty Balinese menus, are included on site; visit the website for more details about the park and the artist himself.


Bricks 4 Kidz in Kemang extends the holiday feeling during the first few relaxing days at school from July 18 to 20 for children aged five and above. In the morning there is Bricks Designer Camp and Ninja Brick Turtle in the afternoon, each of three-hour duration with a 15-minute break. A six-week after-school programme is also available for kids aged 5 to 13 with different themes to choose from. The 3- to 4-year-old preschoolers can also join a separate six-week programme that teaches essential preschool skills. Read about other events, hours, contact info and more in Bricks 4 Kidz's website

Photo credit: Bounce Street Asia

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