In order to compete in the ever-growing personal UAV drone market, companies have had to come up with functioning designs that stand out. PowerVision, a Chinese company specialising in robotics and commercial UAVs, has done just that.

PowerEgg is the latest commercial drone from PowerVision. The name comes from its ovoid shape and all-white exterior. The four propellers blend in seamlessly when not in use. Upon pulling out the propellers for flight, the drone levitates and the landing gear folds back into the drone automatically.

The PowerEgg is packed with two navigational systems. The standard built-in GPS is used for outdoor flights. A new and innovative Vision Positioning System uses ground recognition and sonar technology for indoor flights, and to help the PowerEgg avoid crashing straight into the ceiling.

Another feature that sets the PowerEgg apart from its competitors is the availability of two different control mechanisms. The first is a conventional two-handed remote control, while the other is a gesture-based one-handed controller. Known as the PowerEgg Maestro, the innovative new controller allows users to fly the drone simply by moving their hand. The controllers come with a one-button landing feature, as they are both designed for handling by newer users.

Removing the bottom cap of the PowerEgg reveals its 4K HD camera. Stability in flight is ensured by the three-axis gimbal that it is mounted on. The mount also allows for a 360-degree panoramic view while remaining in flight. The PowerModes feature lets the drone execute complicated flight tasks autonomously, while the controller focuses on getting the perfect shot. A “Selfie Mode” keeps the camera trained on the user while the drone flies about.

The PowerEgg can fly up to a distance of 5 kilometres away from its controller at a top speed of 13 metres per second. The battery of the drone has an operating life of 20 hours on a full charge of three hours. The PowerEgg is suitable for both iOS and Android operating systems.

While other drones are typically stored out of sight when not in use, the sleek design of the PowerEgg can easily take centre stage on a living room coffee table. The dimensions of the PowerEgg also make for maximum portability. It can easily slip into a carry-on, with no parts being at risk of breaking off.

With its simple design and leading-edge technology marrying beauty and durability, the PowerEgg could well be on its way to be the travel-friendly drone of choice among professionals and newcomers alike.

Photo Credit: Power Egg

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