It’s no coincidence that Dubai is called the 'City of Gold'—the glitzy city literally rises above the golden desert and only a few places can compare to its over-the-top splendour. A gleaming example is the Burj Al Arab, the iconic hotel that's dubbed “the world’s only seven-star hotel."

11102953-_Z1A1777_resized_753x1080.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Burj Al Arab

Gold has always been a recurring theme of the hotel (think 24-carat gold iPads, a bar bedecked in gold leaf), and it’s now taking Arabian luxury to another level with the Ultimate Gold Cappuccino.

Served at the Sahn Eddar Lounge, the drink is made with 100% Arabica beans and foamed milk that’s blended with 24-carat gold, then sprinkled with Italian gold flakes and adorned with the Burj Al Arab design.

11102954-_Z1A1781_resized_720x1080.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Burj Al Arab

The indulgent treat also comes with a Grand Cru Guanaja—a perfectly formed chocolate marshmallow sprinkled with mill-grinded gold. The set-up is nothing less than grandeur with a customised set of fine-bone china with a gold finish, serving up an extravagant coffee experience like no other. 

11122446-29026183_843536835827908_9167177234509725696_o_resized_1188x1660.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of CREMERiA 

Not planning to travel to Dubai anytime soon? You can still get your gold fix in Hong Kong.

Luxury Japanese ice cream parlour  i CREMERiA is offering Cremadoro, a luscious soft serve made with Hokkaido milk layered with edible gold leaf. The gold itself doesn't add much to the overall flavour, but the creamery claims that “gold leaves can accelerate metabolism and balance the pH level in the body”, not to mention the golden flair it adds to your Instagram post


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