2001: A Space Oddysey

010_A7A14135_315.jpg"I love many films but as a photographer I find Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece particularly inspiring for its capacity to tell a story through the sheer power of the image. With minimal sound and dialogue, the narrative relies predominantly on the strength of Kubrick's visuals."
shutterstock_636754156.jpg"Tierra del Fuego in Patagonia is where I prepared for my expedition to Antartica, and where I decided to shift the course of my career from fashion photography to documentary and conservation. Its remote and untouched beauty made me feel as if I was standing at the edge of the world."
The Ocean
2 PH.ENZO BARRACCO.jpg"The subject of my next project and a huge source of inspiration, I grew up by the sea and I've always seen it as a huge blank canvas. The ocean offers the vastest landscape in the world and has the ability to always surprise you. It constantly stimulates my creativity."
My Camera
D5_35_1.4_front34r.high.jpg"I'm not generally attached to any object, but my camera is the one thing that allows me to express my vision of the world, so it definitely holds a special place in my life. When I am somewhere remote, the camera is the portal bridging my experience to the public who will see my images. Because of that, I have a deep respect for it."
2..jpg"I am driven by the belief that I have yet to take my best photo but if I had to choose, I'd say this picture from my last project in Antarctica is one of my best. It's the starting point of my book The Noise of Ice: Antartica, which documents the effects of climate change. I waited six hours for the perfect light and weather conditions to take it. When you work with nature, you have no control over timing. It's a very different process from shooting in a studio.
[Images: Enzo Barraco; AFP Photo; Shutterstock]

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