In the heart of venice, tucked neatly on the edge of the Grand Canal and enclosed by the city’s museums and palazzos, is the reopened Gritti Palace, a luxurious hotel and a landmark of the enigmatic city. The opulent hotel recreates the experience of dwelling in a luxurious private residence. Serving as the home of the noble Pisani family during the 15th century, succeeded by ownership by its namesake resident, Andrea Gritti, Duke of Venice, the walls of the former residence are redolent with memories of prominent figures traipsing in the corridors and grand salons. In more recent years, the hotel added notable influencers such as Ernest Hemingway and Somerset Maugham to its list of distinguished guests.

 The Gritti Palace underwent a meticulous renovation and welcomed its guests back in 2013 following a 35 million Euros refurbishment, recognising that the longstanding hotel required an enhancement to bring its past splendour into the modern world. The décor choice of the newly renovated hotel pays homage to its history as a private residence; a well-lived mansion that has seen its share of celebrations with esteemed individuals taking part in the festivities. Renowned interior designer, Donghia Associates, respectfully preserved original furniture from the old Gritti Palace while adding artisan pieces to lend a classic contemporary touch to the historical hotel.


Complementing restored antique pieces with handcrafted furnishings, the result of the arrangement is a timeless interior permeating with classic Venetian elegance and luxury. The restored rooms and suites feature local design elements such as Venetian tapestries, velvets and Rococo couches. Handcrafted Girandole mirrors, Murano glass chandeliers and reproductions of rare Rubelli fabrics are placed side by side with antique pieces, exuding a distinctive brand of Venetian elegance. 

The hotel’s quintessential Venetian flair is translated beyond its décor and architecture. Its restaurant, lounge and spa possess the same fusion of traditional Venetian and contemporary elements, exemplified by Club del Doge, a restaurant that serves up hearty Venetian specialties amid a classic décor of polished wood and gleaming stainless steel accents. The sleek Bar Longhi, with etched mirror walls, offers exquisite cocktails and sumptuous soufflés.

For those who prefer a more interactive dining experience, the Gritti Epicurean School provides an opportunity for guests to attend cooking workshops, experiencing firsthand the creation of Italian dishes. In line with the ultimate Italian experience that the hotel offers is the Blue Mediterraneo SPA by Acqua di Parma. A fragrance and beauty label synonymous with refined Italian style, Acqua di Parma’s lavish SPA offers indulgent massages and beauty treatments set in a soothing neutral-toned setting with opulent touches of Orsoni mosaics and Murano glasses.

When guests retire from the day’s activities to their chambers, the hotel’s 61 guest rooms and 21 suites, some of which feature impressive canal views, provide much-needed tranquillity and comfort. Split into four categories, the rooms are designed for guests with diverse inclinations. The Palazzo Canal View suite presents a sprawling view of the canal, while the Patron Canal View suite embodies the rich cultural and artistic heritage of the hotel within its space. The Heritage Suites are inspired by cultural heritage of Venice and are designed for celebration, and the Redentore Terrazza suite offers a discreet yet luxurious experience with its two-storey design, 250 sqm terrace, plunge pool and breathtaking view of the lagoon. The Gritti Palace seems the embodiment of Venice, with heritage, opulence and romance infusing the walls of the plush hotel. A destination authority on Venice with a host of Clef d’Or concierges, The Gritti Palace offers a truly bespoke Venetian experience and a distinctive perspective on the city’s culture and history.