Lanai Island, Hawaii. Photo: Beam.Land

Two superstar islands in Hawaii that are frequently visited by the rich and famous include Lanai and Kauai, with people like Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Ellison having their own properties there. Mark reportedly purchased the 357-acre Kahu’aina Plantation on Kauai’s North Shore for US$66 million. And Larry? Well, he owns 98 per cent of Lanai, which boasts two Four Seasons resorts as well as world-class golf courses.



Photo: Times of Oman

The mysterious Oman retains the Oriental spirit of the 1,001 Nights fairy tale while slowly opening itself up for tourists to its charming nature and culture. It has mountains, idyllic beaches, excellent hotels, organised souks, and splendid museums that will fulfill all of your Middle Eastern fantasies. The best thing of all? This is the place that Sinbad the Sailor called home. Start your shopping spree with the curved, silver-sheathed khanjar knives and follow with the signature gold and frankincense.


Aspen, Colorado

Photo: Destinations of the World News

Christmas is coming, and there is a 99 per cent chance that you will hear one of Mariah Carey’s Christmas songs. This singer is known to love holidays in Aspen, where the wintry playground offers the ultimate luxury for your dream year-end holiday. From Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk and Snowmass mountains, each of these ski areas has its own charms that will sweep you across an unforgettable winter fantasy.


Lake Como, Italy

Photo: Lonely Planet

Power couple George and Amal Clooney have their hearts in Lake Como having owned several villas that include Villa Oleandra and the adjoining Villa Margherita, which they frequently use for holidays. The Clooneys reportedly can spend up to four months a year at their lakeside villa that George purchased for US$10 million back in 2001. Said to resemble an upside-down Y, the winding shoreline of Lake Como is filled with ancient villages and exquisite villas that will make you dream of staying forever.

Hvar, Croatia

Photo: Croatia Week

With Croatia still not on top of people’s minds when it comes to travel destinations, all this will change soon as it actively opens up itself for tourists to experience its unique charms. Blessed with amazing scenery, history, and a glistening chain of lavender and citrus scented islands, Croatia may be one of the most beautiful spots on earth. Hvar, in particular, is proving popular with the rich crowd, with visitors that have included Tom Cruise, Giorgio Armani, and Prince Harry during his wild partying days.


Mykonos, Greece

Photo: The Telegraph

Ahh, Greece. Perfect shades of blue intermingling with perfect shades of white dominating the whole set of islands, especially Mykonos. The island draws regular A-listers from all over the world that include Ariana Grande and Leonardo diCaprio.  Not only the perfect combination of colours and sparkling clear oceans, the epic nightlife is also one of the primary attractions on this island.


Saint Tropez, France

Photo: OrangSmiles Tour

The French Riviera has long been the “it” place where the rich and famous like to visit. With the beautiful beaches as the main attraction as well as the rich Provençal culture, Saint Tropez still maintains its sexy charm despite a long history as a holiday destination.


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