Years ago, swimming with dolphins or whales seemed like the coolest thing you could do in a tropical vacation. Just last year, swimming with pigs in the Bahamas seemed so unique and interesting. Today, people are taking it to the next level and swimming with flamingoes.

On an island just 10 minutes away by boat from Aruba, a group of pink, feathery flamingoes like to roam around and vacationers can take a swim in the ocean with the creatures.

Typically, flamingoes would migrate from July to March however this island is an exception as the flamingoes can be seen on the beach all year round. Some of the guests have suspected that this is due to the wings being clipped and thus, the flamingoes, allegedly, are not able to fly.

The island is owned by a luxury hotel chain called the Renaissance Aruba Resort and guests get a chance to spend the day with the flamingoes by either staying a night in the hotel and getting free access or they can spend $99 for a full day on the island.

If you’re looking to visit soon, this island is both beautiful and safe anytime during the year. However, it is recommended that you visit during the months of April and May.

This island is not the only one to have flamingoes roaming around the beaches. Check out The Galapagos, Island of Bonaire around Goto Lake, The Bahamas, and the Yucatan peninsula for more swimming with flamingoes.

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