Holiday destinations in Africa are slowly and steadily appearing on many bucket lists. One place to visit that will suit both the adrenaline-seeker and the laid-back guests is Livingstone in Zambia, a town around 10km north from the Zambezi River, which feeds the legendary Victoria Falls. David Livingstone, a famous British explorer, was the first Caucasian to find the falls and named it after the queen.

The falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world at 108 metres high and 1,708 metres long, is the world's largest sheet of falling water. The Zambezi River itself is 2,574 kilometres long, although it remains relatively calm before rushing down the canyon. Request a flat-bottomed boat trip or cruise from any tour provider for a sublime experience along the national park.

For a totally thrilling experience, book either a helicopter tour or a microlight flight over Victoria Falls by locally operated adventure companies such as Batoka Sky. Going as high as 250 metres in the sky near the clouds, one can imagine being a bird that flies over the flat terrain and the gaping gorge. Back on Earth, guests should continue on to take a dip in one of two natural infinity pools by the falls. During the dry season, daredevils can traverse across rocks to the tip of the falls, where Devil's Pool is located. When the seasons are wet, opt for Angel's Pool on Livingstone Island near the falls.

Fear not those who are afraid of heights: you can enjoy the falls from scenic lookouts and then head to Mukuni Big 5 Safaris ( and interact with lions and cheetahs, plus ride on elephants. This is not a place that poaches or breeds animals to be released and hunted in the game reserves. The animals are released into protected areas and also help to educate people about their importance and the dangers of poaching. Guests can also lead the animals with a harness on their daily walks together with experienced guides.

Last but not least, to calm the beating heart and end the day on a relaxing note, visitors should seek the ukuchina massage technique at the spa. An important Central African medical treatment, the massage is well known to detoxify, boost the immune system, relieve stress and treat malaria, among other uses. 

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Indonesia is blessed with its own culture and tradition, one of them is Tana Toraja in Sulawesi.

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