One man’s brilliant idea is about to change the way the world travels.

An entrepreneur based in Chicago had the idea of motorising carry-on luggage after having children ride on his suitcase as he was pulling them. After years of planning, 1,000 testers and more than 40 prototypes, the motorised, “rideable” luggage is here: Modobag.

The Modobag is “smart luggage” fitted with a motor and battery, allowing it to become a small vehicle for getting around. Ergonomically designed footrests and a cushioned seat complete the transformation from suitcase to vehicle.

The Modobag travels at speeds approximately three times faster than walking speed. It is capable of reaching a top speed of 13kmh and travels up to 13km on a fully charged battery. The Modobag is charged by plugging into an outlet like most electrical devices. It takes only 15 minutes to get up to 80 per cent charge and full charge in less than an hour.

In addition to its transport features, the Modobag also comes with two USB ports for charging electronic devices on-the-go. Side pockets—measured for phones and tables—provide storage and easy access to devices being charged. An optional add-on available is the Modobag mobile app. This allows users to use GPSRS-GSM tracking and proximity features to always know where their suitcases are.

The Modobag was born from a crowdfunding platform, but not for the first time. A campaign was launched last year, but it did not meet its funding goal. This year’s crowdfunding campaign has been much more successful, surpassing its funding goal within 48 hours of being launched.

Rushing to and from gates in an airport can be a challenge, especially in foreign airports. The Modobag not only reduces commuting time, but also makes the journey much more entertaining. With the Modobag, riding on suitcases will no longer be an airport activity reserved only for children.

Watch this informative (and entertaining) Modobag video below:

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