Have you ever been too tired to dress up? If yes, then just put some accessories on to transform your look from ordinary to extraordinary. Accessories like earrings are the right choice to complete your look with the simplest of touches, just like these four Indonesian earrings brands. Wear your T-shirt, jeans, and simple make-up and choose these earrings from local brand below to rule the world.


Founded by designer Sri Luce Rusna and Indonesian actress Happy Salma, TULOLA is a Bali-based
jewellery brand which that promises to give the best in luxury jewellery. TULOLA is made 100 per cent by hand to ensure the quality of each piece, and the designs are inspired by the beauty of the Indonesian archipelago’s rich culture and heritage.

 Rosalyn Citta

As an art jewellery atelier, Rosalyn Citta makes stunning and regal hand made jewellery. Most of her works are so edgy and unique, they are perfect for those who have an artsy soul. Our favourite earrings are these white-gold Curve earrings. Simply stunning.

Aidan and Ice

Aidan and Ice is local jewellery line based in Jakarta. Mostly known for its unique necklace designs, the jewellery is state-of-art and will easily complete any look. Just like these Blue Space Earrings, which will spread a little sparkle wherever you go.


Handcrafted from the finest sources is the main aim for ZLABA. Inspired by the beauty of Indonesia and the places the designers have visited, ZLABA is a jewellery line in which each piece is made with passion and attention to detail. Its beautifully crafted sets of earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces blend natural elements in each piece. 

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