A native of California, Jennifer Fisher worked in Hollywood for more than a decade as a celebrity stylist, working on feature films, TV shows and commercials in both Los Angeles and New York. After meeting the man who was to become her husband, she moved to New York, where her company is now based. We find out what sparked her interest in jewellery, and what makes her brand unique.

How did you get started?

 "After I gave birth to our son, I wanted a jewellery piece that not only spelled his name, Shane, but also showed my personal style. I was frustrated that I couldn’t find anything I really liked, so I designed a piece with his name stamped on the front and added a thick link chain. Family, friends and even strangers took notice and started to ask me to customise pieces for them. I decided to start a jewellery business and, in 2005, founded the brand Jennifer Fisher Jewelry."

What is your design style?

“When I make jewellery for my clients, I always want to give them that casual edge. I’m a hands-on mother and there are days I’m just in my tracksuit, but when I put my pieces on, I feel immediately dressed and ready to go. And this is exactly what I want to do for my clients.”

Have you had any celebrity customers?

"Yes - Beyoncé, Sarah Jessica Parker, Naomi Watts, Rihanna and Rita Ora."

What makes your brand unique?

“I'm big on customisation. Apart from selecting a design, I encourage my clients to go as far as choosing the metal, the metal colour—white, yellow or rose gold—and the font they prefer to write the name, or anything for that matter.”.

(Text: Charlene Co, Photo by Jennifer Fisher Jewellery)

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