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Sometimes when we wear our jewelleries often, they are exposed to different temperatures, pollution and occasional knocks on surfaces. Consequently, they can turn dull and have superficial scratches. However, by cleaning them and giving the extra care it needs, your jewelleries will have its sparkling appearance back. Hereby we have compiled six high-end jewellery brands that not only sell, but also clean and polish your jewelleries in no time.



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French luxury brand, Cartier, is long known for its stunning jewellery pieces. Their customers can always go back to the store to have their jewelleries shined or polished. Their shining service provides jewellery cleaning in an ultrasonic tank filled with lukewarm soap water. Only some of the jewelleries can receive the ultrasound treatment, as certain gems are too delicate. Visit their website or drop by Cartier boutique to have the Cartier specialist help you out.

Locations: Plaza Indonesia, Plaza Senayan. 



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For their jewellery cleaning services, Bvlgari offers simple cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning and refurbishing. Simple cleaning is done to remove impurities or dust, ultrasonic cleaning can be put in use when you want to deep clean your jewellery, and refurbishing will eliminate any superficial scratches. Go to your nearest Bvlgari store to have your jewelleries taken care of.

Locations: Plaza Indonesia, Pacific Place. 

Tiffany & Co

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Established in New York City, Tiffany & Co is one of the world’s famous luxury jewellery brand known for its sterling silver, engagement rings and other fine jewelleries. Tiffany & Co encourages its customers to visit the nearest Tiffany & Co store to have their jewelleries professionally cleaned once a year. Employing only the best, Tiffany & Co’s employees are knowledgeable and experienced on all aspects of jewellery care. Better yet, the brand offers product care items such as the silver care kit, jewellery care kit, silver polishing mitts and silver polishing cloths. Therefore, customers have the option to do simple cleaning at home.

Locations: Plaza Indonesia, Plaza Senayan, Pacific Place.


Photo Courtesy of Chopard

Chopard is a renowned Swiss luxury watch and jewellery brand that has presented exceptional quality for over 150 years. With that in mind, the brand also provides excellent customer service for watch and jewellery care. They can clean and polish your jewelleries to prevent any risk of damage and to preserve its radiance. Visit the nearest Chopard store to get it done and click here to read tips on caring for Chopard products.

Location: Plaza Indonesia

Mondial Jeweler


Photo Courtesy of Mondial Jeweler

With innovative artistry, Mondial has created luxurious masterpieces since 1979. Mondial has a series of world’s first that showcases their jewelleries that happen to be some of the first kinds to be presented. Since the brand is committed to provide the best in quality and standards, they will definitely take the utmost care of your jewelleries as well. Check out Mondial’s tips on taking a good care of your valuable jewelleries here.

Locations: Plaza Indonesia, Plaza Senayan, Tunjungan Plaza 4, Surabaya. 

John Hardy


Photo Courtesy of John Hardy

Founded in Bali, John Hardy is known for its Asian-inspired designs and traditional handmade jewelleries. This sustainable luxury brand uses ethically sourced gemstones and reclaimed silver and gold. If any of your John Hardy jewelleries are damaged or broken, their client care team can repair and bring your jewellery in for service. Visit the John Hardy site for more details.

Locations: Ubud and Kapal, Bali.

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