The Italian way of living is all about la dolce vita (“the good life”)—a lifestyle, an attitude ascribed to the people of Italy. The idea of self-indulgence and living in the moment is the inspiration behind Bulgari’s new collection, Fiorever—a playful combination of the Italian word for flower, fiore, and the English word forever, which embodies the Roman passion for life and the timeless beauty of Rome.

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A symbol of energy, positivity and joy, the flower is also a classic jewellery motif Bulgari has reimagined with exquisite craftsmanship and Italian aesthetic since 1920. While inspired by the wild bloom, the Fiorever flower sparkles with eternal glow with the highest quality diamonds and thrives in 24 distinctive designs.

Glittering with the finest diamonds, the Fiorever jewellery is available in white gold or rose gold necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings, set with a precious solitaire in the centre and petals that tilt upward— a volume design that showcases the House’s distinctive style.

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Cherished in all times by the Romans, the alluring four-petal flower captures Rome’s heritage graciously and played a significant role in the history of the Roman Empire, as seen in the garden frescoes of Villa di Livia and on the ceiling mosaics of the mausoleum of Santa Costanza.

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Designed for the free-spirited woman who exudes irresistible energy and light-hearted spontaneity, the Fiorever jewellery collection is interpreted by Latin actress Úrsula Corberó from Netflix hit "Money Heist", who lives by the philosophy of la dolce vita and shines unapologetically with brazen beauty that makes her a quintessential Fiorever woman.

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A dream bouquet of the most coveted flowers, each of the alluring jewellery pieces in the collection stands for a beauty that lasts fiorever.

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