Platinum earrings set with marquise- and pear-shaped and brilliant diamonds

Platinum ring set with a 52.97-carat oval cabochon rubellite and round brilliant diamonds

Platinum ring with oval-cut amethysts and brilliant white diamonds

Platinum earrings set with pink and white brilliant diamonds

It began as a mail order jewellery catalogue in 1845, but Tiffany & Co’s Blue Book collection is today an annual tradition that’s eagerly awaited by the industry and jewellery aficionados. With the ever-evolving Blue Book collection, the luxury jeweller pushes the envelope in terms of gemstone selection, level of craftsmanship and innovation of design.

“We’re always motivated to produce something new, challenging, innovative, unique and special,” says gemmologist Melvyn Kirtley, vice-president of the high jewellery department. “It’s a lot of pressure to come up with something incredible every year but we embrace it.”

This year’s Blue Book collection is called Art of the Wild, and in its six themes it captures the unbridled beauty of nature—merciless on one hand, magical and healing on the other. “It’s such a rich source of inspiration that we were able to use gradation of colours and highlight the ombre effects of different gemstones,” Kirtley enthuses.

Twenty key gemstones were used in the collection, along with rubellite, diamonds, amethysts, tourmaline and sapphires, set in gold and platinum.

(Text by: Charlene Co)

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