Indonesia tatler got the chance to grab a casual chat with Hamdi Chatti, Vice President of Louis Vuitton’s Watches and Jewellery department in picturesque St Tropez during the brand’s launch of the Blossom High Jewellery Collection. Here’s what the witty man had to say.

For a number of years, Louis Vuitton has been securing a more powerful presence in the world of high jewellery. What have been some of the challenges in this area?

The challenges have largely been because jewellery is an industry that has been established for a long time, so we needed to find a way to penetrate it. In order to do this, we needed to bring something unique and fresh to the table in terms of both style and the way we mix and match our pieces, as well as how we want our products to be worn. If we speak about high jewellery, the idea was to bring in new materials and new stones of impeccable quality and mix them with other materials. This results in designs that are recognisable and strong, but at the same time easy to wear.

What can you tell us about the Blossom High Jewellery Collection?

Well, it’s a beautiful story. Our design team generally doesn’t get to work until they see the gemstones to be used in each piece. We select our high-quality gemstones from all over the world and then show them to the designers. With this collection, the inspiration—and one of the gemstones our designers picked out— was the petal. And that was the beginning of the Blossom High Jewellery Collection: each piece has been created with, and around, the petal. The collection of the gemstones took 10 years, while the creation of the collection itself took two years.

Tell us about the intricacy of each piece in the collection.

That’s the third stage of the process, the first being the collection of the gemstones and the second the design. In order to fix the gemstones into a neckpiece, earring, bracelet or ring, different layers of different materials are created to hold the stones. Some of these are very unusual designs, but that is what adds to the overall beauty of each gemstone.

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(Text by Maina Harjani)

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