You love Zaha Hadid's architecture, right? Well, now you can actually wear her designs. Before she died, the late architectural legend Hadid collaborated with Italian jewellerBulgari to offer a new interpretation on their iconic B.zero1 ring.

Originally inspired by the ancient Roman amphitheatre, the Colosseum, B.zero1 ring is one of the most famous jewellery collections and most well-loved pieces byBulgari. And this is one of the final projects Hadid took on before the star architect passed away last year.

The merging of two icons is interesting because the Iraqi-British architect is already well known for her daring ideas through her many architectural projects all over the world, while Bulgari has become known over the years as a master of innovation for its novel approach to design, and the two design powerhouses fuse their boundless talent in the name of creativity and design for the B.zero1 Design Legend.

Since it was created 17 years ago to celebrate the new millennium, Bulgari's B.zero1 ring has been regularly reinterpreted in different materials and finishes by Bulgari and its collaborators. And today, the B.zero1 Design Legend by Zaha Hadid is a new milestone in the design history of the iconic ring.

So, what are some interesting facts about the B.zero1 Design Legend collection? Check them out below:

 1. Not the first collaboration between Zaha Hadid and Bulgari

Photo Courtesy of Bulgari

Bulgari and Hadid have collaborated before during Salone del Mobile in 2015 when the architect designed an installation at the Bulgari Hotel that paid tribute to the brand's famous Serpenti collection.

Hadid, who was a keen jewellery fan herself, had also already worked on Bulgari's installations at the Abu Dhabi Art Fair in 2011 and Milan Design Week 2014. Continuing their ongoing collaborations, in 2015 Bulgari CEO Jean-Christophe Babin invited Hadid to reinvent the 1 collection.

2. Blending classic elements as well as a modern breakthrough

Photo Courtesy of Bulgari

The original design of the Bulgari's 1 ring was inspired by one of the most famous amphitheatres: the Colosseum in Rome. As the first iconic piece of jewellery of the new millennium, B.zero1 became a symbol of Bulgari's ability to convert a classical model into a groundbreaking vision.

But it doesn't stop there because with the B.zero1 Design Legend collection, Hadid explored different configurations that reinforce and contextualise the design without compromising the integrity of the 1999 original design. Hadid investigated the existing ideas and established traditions, especially considering Bulgari's bold and distinctive heritage, but then she reinterpreted those ideas into something new.

Until now, the B.zero1 ring has stood out for 17 years and has become a symbol of timeless style and innovation, as well as the perfect blend of modern and classic elements.

3. A combination of daring geometry design with fluid curves

Photo Courtesy of Bulgari

Known for her boundary-pushing creative style and signature curves, Hadid's response to the invitation to reinterpret the B.zero1 was to fuse the fluidity of her design aesthetic with the daring geometry of Bulgari design.

Her starting point and inspiration was still the geometry of the Colosseum, including an amalgam of two signature motifs: the “gas pipe” tubogas and the double logo. Then Hadid transformed it into a fluid representation of the Colosseum, using sinuous strands of filigree gold to create a delicate and beautiful three-dimensional spiral.

Hadid removed the original core and replaced the looping bands with flowing lines and a swell of golden waves. The ring's infinite curvilinear structure brings lightness to the design, and femininity. In short, the fluidity and dynamism of the geometry that gives form to the ring sums up Hadid's design for the B.zero1: legendary.

4. Available in four new creations

Photo Courtesy of Bulgari

Back in 1999, Bulgari designed three different prototypes to usher in the new millennium with the uniform gold design ultimately being revealed to the world under the name B.zero1.

Today, for the B.zero1 Design Legend, there are four new creations enriching the B.zero1 constellation: the bold 4-band ring in pink gold, also available in a thinner three-band version in white or pink gold, and an edgy pendant in pink gold, crafted from pure 18ct pink gold and stamped with the brand's iconic lettering.

Photo Courtesy of Bulgari

Photo Courtesy of Bulgari

Photo Courtesy of Bulgari


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