Photo: Photo Courtesy of Bulgari

Italian luxury jewellery brand Bulgari held a lavish themed party “Sisterhood” at the Beijing Minsheng Contemporary Art Museum attended by a throng of Chinese fashion influencers, young stars and a host of other celebrities, which included Bulgari’s new accessories ambassador Bella Hadid.

The theme of the evening was monochromatic where splash of bold and extreme colours were seen all around the museum. The colours represent sense of maturity and purity, the duality that represent mankind. Elsewhere, the sterling night also saw Bella Hadid and Asian fashion queen Jolin Tsai shared the stage as they try Bulgari’s new collection of handbags. In addition to their cross-cultural friendship, famous besties, Dilraba and Nikki Lee, Li Qin and Tina Tang, Lareina Song and Koala Chen, Maggie Huang and Daisy, were also on-hand in a show of sisterhood.

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Photo: Photo Courtesy of Bulgari

It was clear that sisterhood theme symbolises likeminded friends in which is in line with Bulgari’s Sisterhood series limited edition as it also serves as the brand’s homage to Oriental women’s elegance and beauty and their desire to share their knowledge with friends.

"Jolin and I met through our shared love of Bulgari, and we hit it off at our first meeting in Milan. I am a fan of her fashion sense, and we often trade fashion tips whenever we meet," said Bella Hadid on her new friendship with Jolin Tsai, who has over 2.4 million followers on Instagram.

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Photo: Photo Courtesy of Bulgari

For the limited edition series itself, Bulgari’s 2017 Greater China limited edition Sisterhood features the new Bulgari Serpenti Forever (Flap Cover bag that comes in stunning white and sports black and white matte enamel with silver lines atop a beautiful snakehead) and Divas' Dream (fan-shaped jewellery with classic design in matte black and black calfskin engrave) that were specially designed for oriental women. With their bold and minimalist design of only using black and white, the colours show how “sisters” always go well together, just as black on white. From the design along with the materials, the limited edition is a perfect match to Chinese women’s grace and beauty. With a production of only108 pieces, the bags highlight the rarity and preciousness of sisterhood.

5-BVLGARI 2017 Great China Sisterhood Limited Edition Serpenti Forever.jpg

Photo: Photo Courtesy of Bulgari

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