To represent the primal beauty of cacti without the spiky thorns, 18ct yellow gold becomes the base for the emeralds, diamonds, chrysoprases and carnelians on the rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces that make up the Cactus de Cartier collection.

For the first line, "A Flower without Spikes", aka a red carnelia, dominates the first three pieces as flowers. As a sweet touch on the finger, a green cactus dome fashioned from emeralds is enclosed on a ring, topped with a diamond in the red flower's centre. This cactus can also dangle from ears, complete with 11 brilliant-cut diamonds as spikes. Meanwhile, bracelet-lovers can have the emeralds and chrysoprase cacti with small red flowers and eight diamonds. 

More neutral hues in this line can be found on the dome bracelet, which is made from bubble-shaped gold tipped with emeralds and prettified with 204 diamond-flowers; a similar construction is also channelled on a four-tiered necklace that will dazzle any lady.

The "Desert Beauty" is captured in voluminous, geometric gold domes starting from the ring with 55 brilliant-cut diamonds that dot the pretty plant as dewdrops would. For some wrist action, wearers can choose the open-end bracelet with two cacti at opposite ends, sparkled with 146 diamonds. Extra shine can be found on the necklace with 61 diamonds, which instead of being placed on a single cactus, also shine on a second, smaller cactus.  A lapis lazuli flower blooms perfectly at the apex of each jewelled cactus in this line.

Cartier then reveals the "Rebellious Flower" through a double-cactus ring featuring 12 brilliant-cut diamonds. For dainty fingers, there is a cage-style, cactus-shaped ring with six diamonds. Meanwhile, the solid, cactus-shaped ring, with a stand instead of a loop and decorated by six diamonds, provides a dramatic flair. A two-tiered earring with 12 diamonds each and a simple cactus pendant with six diamonds are other choices from Cartier's cacti line and will instantaneously enhance any outfit.  

More details about the cactus collection and other exquisite creations from Cartier.

(Text by Edith Emeralda & Picture Courtesy of Cartier)

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