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While inspiration can strike at any time, the problem for many of us lies in not looking in the right place. How many of us would have been at a hardware store and become inspired to design haute jewellery? Lucky for us, Aldo Cipullo, Cartier’s jewellery designer, did just that. More than four decades after the Juste un Clou bracelet first hit the streets of New York in the height of the 70s, its timeless design is still greatly appreciated. With the latest collection, Cartier presents a new, slimmer, and more flexible version of the Juste un Clou bracelet. Aldo Cipullo was not just a jewellery designer. He was an avid observer of the world around him and was inspired by even the minutest details. He channelled his creativity into some of the most popular jewellery collections of our times.



The creation of the Juste un Clou bracelet in the 70s marked a turning point in jewellery design. Very few of us would have expected an iconic fashion statement to have its roots in construction work. And yet, for more than 40 years and counting, Cartier’s utilitarianinspired accessories have reigned supreme.

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The Juste un Clou bracelet was initially introduced to flout convention and push the boundaries of the avant-garde. The nowiconic silhouette resembled that of a nail—the ones we use to hang frames on the wall or to hold two pieces of wood together. It was very much in line with Cipullo’s minimalist, androgynous style and his professed love of all things nuts, screws, and bolts.



The Juste un Clou bracelet has since been embraced as a tribal object, an act of style, and a marker of freedom. The latest collection is made up of rings, necklace, earrings and bracelets shaped like gracefully bent nails. The bracelets are still very much like the original, but with a modern twist. The new, slimmer, and more flexible version wraps around the wrist in a single bold motion. The new Juste un Clou bracelets come in yellow and pink gold and can be worn alone or alongside the original. Some models are outfitted with pavé diamonds set into the “head” of the nail, while some rings are fitted with diamonds along the entire length of the bracelet. The wrist-hugging bracelet holds raw, concentrated energy, and embodies an assertive attitude. Unisex, round, and rebellious, the Juste un Clou collection is the statement piece for the modern-day style icon in all of us.

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