Forevermark, the leading diamond brand from De Beers Group of Companies, which is based in London, recently partnered with Central Mega Kencana (CMK), the company behind Frank & co. and The Palace, to launch its collection in Indonesia on April 11. Indonesia Tatler had a one-on-one session with Stephen Lussier, the CEO of Forevermark and the Executive Vice President in Marketing of De Beers Group, about the exclusive partnership and his plans for the Forevermark brand in Indonesia and worldwide.

Could you tell us what distinguishes Forevermark from the other brands in the De Beers Group?

Forevermark is about the diamond in the first instance. In each country, we work together with the best jewellers to create and design unique diamonds that are beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced. We have around 2,200 jewellers globally in 26 countries—it is a partnership brand. Our business model might be unique, but is proven to be highly successful.

Aside from Indonesia, has Forevermark expanded into other Asian countries?
Yes. Today, Asia represents a little over a half of our international market. In the beginning, in around 2008 and 2009, we started in China and Japan, and then we continued to Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and now Indonesia. This year, we also plan to expand to Europe, potentially to France and Germany.

How did the partnership begin and what’s next for the Indonesian market?
Before expanding to Indonesia, we asked ourselves which would be the right company that understands the jewellery world and consumers in Indonesia. After a series of assessments, we decided to partner with Indonesia’s leading jewellery company, Central Mega Kencana (CMK), in order to team up and do something better together. As the exclusive licensee of Forevermark, CMK is going to sell Forevermark in its leading retail brands, Frank & co., The Palace, and Miss Mondial. Forevermark will initially be sold in 12 stores in the CMK network in the Jakarta region, with plans to expand further in the near future.

What have been the highlights and the biggest challenges of your career?
There are lots of things that happened during the course of my 33-year career. The highlight would be what we’ve done in China. Twenty years ago, I was the first man from De Beers Group who went to China. At that time, there were no jewellery stores there. You couldn’t buy diamonds and people did not really understand what they really were. We started from zero, and now it is the second-largest market in the world. As for the challenges—I already forgot them all! [Laughs] Once they are solved, I do not look back anymore. I move on.

What is the meaning of the diamond to you?
The name diamond derives from the ancient Greek word adamas, meaning invincible. I am glad that diamonds can symbolise more than just love—and that is why women should buy diamonds, because they give them invincibility.

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To learn more about the brand and browse the collection, you can visit Forevermark's official website.

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