Gucci_18687.jpgPhoto courtesy of: Gucci

Gucci continues to conquer the fashion world with the release of its first high jewellery collection, Hortus Deliciarum. Latin for “Garden of Delights”, Hortus Deliciarum is divided into three primary themes: the animal kingdom, solitaires, and eternal love, and takes inspiration from all three worlds.   

With nature as the first theme, the collection sees animals such as serpents, lions, bees, and flowers decorated with sapphires, topaz, and emeralds to mimic images from the Garden of Eden. The Greek god Dionysus, which was previously featured in the brand’s bags, is also a key design for its gilded cuffs. The jewellery takes inspiration from Baroque, Georgian, and Rocco styles as part of “eternal love”, also known as the heart-and-arrow collection to portray undying love in all its forms. Lastly, the collection features solitaire rings in aquamarines or rubellites of more than 20 carats.

The new line comprises 200 unique pieces, and to celebrate its latest step in the luxury industry, Gucci opened its first high jewellery boutique in Place Vendôme in Paris, where items in the collection can be viewed and purchased.