Photo: Photo Courtesy of Cartier

A little dinner party never killed nobody, especially if it’s in the Hamptons! Hamptons known as the home of the rich and where everyone wants to spend their summer vacation, happens to be where American actress Gwyneth Paltrow also resides. Gwyneth hosted a persona, intimate dinner of Goop (her $250million wellness company) and French luxury Cartier at her Hamptons home.


Photo: Photo Courtesy of Cartier

The gathering dinner was commenced to celebrate the contemporarily new Cactus de Cartier and Panthère de Cartier Collections. This collection consists of some of the most beautiful pieces you’ve ever laid your eyes on; ranging from a 18k yellow gold bracelet to a 18k yellow ring and lots more in between! This collection is shiny and shimmery with lots and lots of gold in it.HThomson20180719-4083.jpg

Photo: Photo Courtesy of Cartier

What made it even more exciting were the guests that attended this dinner who were also seen accessorized in Cartier. Names such as Jessica Seinfield, Leslie Mann, Molly Sims and Rachel Zoe were all seen at the Hamptons, and of course Gwyneth, who looked fabulous in white pants and a black top. Each of these honoured guests wore outfits that matched perfectly with Cartier. Whether it was a denim jacket or floral printed dress, each of them found the perfect Cartier accessory.

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