Spanning inspiration from Central Park and Broadway to his family home and his first office, each piece reflects the jeweller’s deep affection for the Big Apple. Crafted in platinum and set with some of the world’s finest diamonds and gemstones, the New York Collection features 32 one-of-a-kind pieces presented in eight mini collections, each reflecting a different aspect of Winston’s life in New York. Journey through each range and discover the stories behind the jewels below: 


1-11152926-harry-winston-jewellery-and-watch-1056x5203_article_520x1056.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Harry Winston

The cast-iron eagle statues perched high above Grand Central Station were a welcome sight when the in-demand jeweller returned home from his frequent travels. Pairing white and fancy yellow diamonds, these pieces emulate the wings of the majestic birds that watched over Winston on his many journeys.


2-11152926-harry-winston-jewellery-and-watch-1056x5206_article_520x1056.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Harry Winston

In 1960, Harry Winston moved to this prestigious address on Fifth Avenue. The 718 sub-collection reflects the architectural grandeur and French-inspired interiors of his sophisticated salon. The 718 Marble Marquetry suite mirrors its striking lobby of black and white marble in a diamond and sapphire necklace, earrings and ring.

The diamond pieces in the 718 Chandelier suite dazzle like the boutique’s distinctive decorative light, while the gold-plated glass cabinets that adorned the walls inspired the 718 Emerald Vitrine pieces, which pair Colombian emeralds with a bouquet of baguette, marquise and round brilliant diamonds.


3-11152927-harry-winston-jewellery-and-watch-1056x5205_article_520x1056.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Harry Winston

The first Harry Winston office overlooked St Patrick’s Cathedral, a neo-Gothic landmark with dramatic stained-glass windows. The Cathedral necklace and earrings with pear-shaped emeralds and diamonds reflect the jeweller’s love of bold colours and radiant light.

Central Park

4-11152926-harry-winston-jewellery-and-watch-1056x5202_article_520x1056.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Harry Winston

With its peaceful ponds, wooded walkways and manicured gardens, this oasis of calm provided Winston with a place for contemplation and inspiration.

The Central Park Mosaic collection celebrates the natural beauty of this enchanting green space with a ring, bracelet and earrings set with emeralds, sapphires, diamonds and aquamarines.

City of Lights

5-11152926-harry-winston-jewellery-and-watch-1056x520_article_520x1056.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Harry Winston

Winston and his wife were patrons of the arts and regularly attended shows on Broadway. These pieces reimagine the glitz and glamour of New York’s vibrant theatreland through colourful diamonds and vivid precious gemstones such as sapphires, rubies and emeralds.


6-11152926-harry-winston-jewellery-and-watch-1056x5204_article_520x1056.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Harry Winston

Harry Winston grew up in one of New York’s charming townhouses, known as a brownstones due to their earth-toned sandstone facades. In this collection, fond memories of his childhood home are reflected by colourful square-cut gems artfully arranged into architectural motifs alongside baguette-cut, round brilliant and marquise-shaped diamonds.

The Brownstone set includes a long pendant necklace and complementing earrings available in blue and yellow sapphires or sugar loaf turquoise with blue sapphires.


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