Jewellery design finds its muse in unexpected places, from the curve of a butterfly’s wing to peony petals. The iconic Miles Davis jazz track Autumn Leaves inspired Graff Diamonds’ latest collection, a timely reminder that nature and music are potent muses. The new Foliage jewels capture the hypnotic rhythm of leaves falling from trees.

10173020-Graff-JewelleryandWatch-1056x5204_resized_520x1056.jpgGraff Multishape Emerald and Diamond Necklace, Rings and Earrings (Photo: Courtesy of Graff)

Dancing with movement, colour and radiance, the collection includes the extraordinary Foliage diamond necklace Graff ’s master craftsmen have set a total of 66.91 carats of emeralds and 51.02 carats of diamonds at different angles to mimic the dazzling autumnal leaf drop in this sensational piece.

Minimal settings maximise the brilliance of the diamonds, with the intricate, cascading flow of stones forming a daring V shape on the décolletage.

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Graff multi-shape sapphire and diamond earrings (Photo: Courtesy of Graff)

Source: hk.asiatatler.com

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