Mikimoto's spring/summer Ruyi Collection brings a new meaning to classic cultured pearls. The jeweller's signature, lustrous 5mm and 7mm Akoya pearls are stringed alternatively to bring chic to classic. The number eight as a symbol of fortune and luck is a lovely addition to this pearly precious piece. Acting as a twisted-loop clasp made from pure 18ct white gold, the symbol is bedazzled with diamonds to add sophistication.

Another beauty in this collection plays on the aesthetic and functional versatility that have always been a big part in Mikimoto collections. Two pairs of stud pearl and pink sapphire earrings are also complimented by the auspicious symbol for two different looks. Simply pretty 5.5mm pearl or 0.12ct pink sapphire should stylishly suffice during the day, while at night, a dangling 18ct white-gold number-eight symbol attachments add an instant dazzle.

Moreover, pearls and sapphires are elegantly paired in an 18ct white gold necklace. The number-eight clasp also finishes this perfectly balanced combination between 7mm pearls and 0.42ct pink sapphires in bezel settings. True to the jeweller's transformability spirit, two necklaces can be joined into a 32-inch-long necklace for a stunning alternative.

For those ladies who want a subtler approach to this glittering combination, a bracelet with 4.5mm Akoya pearls and 0.31ct pink sapphires is available. Also made from 18ct white gold, the symbol is present here at the end of the adjustable chain clasp. See more pearly beauties, their different types, how to care for them, where to find them and other information on their website.

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