In the early 20th century, it was considered impolite for a woman to look at the time in public or even wear a watch. The Cadenas watch was created to remedy this situation. In all appearances an exquisite bracelet, the Cadenas carries a small dial that only its wearers can see.

As a modern reinterpretation of this heritage piece, the 2015 edition incorporates discrete changes to the dial, the stone setting and the clasp. More comfortable to read, the watch is also adorned in sumptuous finery in the form of diamonds in serti neige style. In tune with the times while retaining its essential character, it has bracelets in alligator skin or gold.

Especially for the opening, a Zip necklace was seen showcased on the windowpane of the new boutique. The intricate details and the accuracy of craftsmanship of the Zip necklace make it one of the Maison’s emblematic transformable pieces of art.

The necklace is inspired by the Duchess of Windsor and is made using the finest of materials to ensure longevity and consistent smoothness in regards to the zip fastener. Other than a necklace, this piece can also be transformed into a bracelet and a brooch. 

The evening brought together Singapore’s crème de la crème as they were seen browsing through the fabulous collection, including the Maison’s limited-edition Christmas collectibles. Other than its French made jewellery, Indonesia Tatler was informed that each box or case housing the brand’s jewellery is also made using the finest of French materials by exceptional craftsmen.

To inaugurate this special evening, the CEO of ION Orchard, Chris Chong, President Director of Van Cleef & Arpels, Asia Pacific, Catherine Rénier and Managing Director of Southeast Asia, Elise Gonnet-Pon, had the honour of announcing the opening with a ribbon-cutting and champagne-toasting ceremony.