Damiani has long been established as the leader in Italian handmade jewellery. Set up in 1924, Damiani quickly became the go-to brand for unique pieces of jewellery of the finest craftsmanship. Now helmed by the third generation of the family, each piece of jewellery is still handmade: a stylistic feature that has become a guarantee of Damiani’s experience and tradition.

Nicoletta Romanoff is an Italian actress with a lineage that can be traced back to the tsars of Russia. For her whole life, she has guarded one particular piece of jewellery that was passed down to her from her grandmother: the tiara that she wore on her wedding day to Nicolas Romanov, a direct descendant of the tsars.

The tiara was made up of tiny, wax orange flowers, which adorned her hair like a precious bouquet. The orange blossom was chosen as it was the flower par excellence for weddings. Damiani’s exquisite interpretation of this is made of 500g of gold, 4,500 diamonds and 83 Japanese pearls. It was this tiara that inspired the Fiori d’arancio collection. The necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings in the collection all bear testament to Damiani’s excellence in design and craftsmanship.

The Fiocco collection is Damiani’s modern interpretation of a 17th Century fashion motif. The Fiocco, or bow, regularly appeared in the jewellery of European courts. It became such a hit that it went from simple jewellery to being stitched into garments. In addition, the bow is also a symbol of an eternal bond, making this collection the perfect gift for loved ones.

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