Imagine springtime on a lush landscape where the brooks babble, critters chitter and dandelions dance. On the Island of Gods, it blooms beauteously on Jemme jewellery's opulent Couture collection. Prismatic palettes in this collection provides a pop amid the usual pastels.

Luke Stockley, creative director, brings the exotic, soft and fragrant champak flower into glittering stud earring featuring a 4.79-carat square-cut yellow beryl. Champak also dresses its petals in white, as represented by 20 dainty 0.41-carat diamonds surrounding the centre set in 18-carat white gold.

Another masterpiece also rules in this collection: the permaisuri (empress) ring. Eighteen-carat yellow gold sets the throne for a large 7.73-carat green tourmaline in the centre. A wonderful wreath of 0.82-carat diamonds completes the ensemble with radiant round cuts to surround the verdant middle and brilliant baguette-cuts to bridge the green and gold.


Stockley moved from London and set up shop on the island in 2008. He loves to play with tones, colours and textures by marrying European influences with the archipelago's tastes and styles. Beautifully and lovingly created with choice craftsmanship, Jemme presents seven supreme collections.

Each is a kaleidoscope of eclectic and eye-popping gemstones ranging from cheery citrine to alluring aquamarine and pretty peridot. Pure 18-carat gold, platinum and silver with a touch of vintage glamour in Jemme's collection shows an ever-evolving, yet timeless and elegant luxury for the unique women who wear them.

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