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The glittery worlds of fashion and movies have gone hand in hand for years, and so it is no surprise that watches are a key reminder of some of our favourite characters from the silver screen. To remind you of some of the classic timepieces you might have missed, here are five examples of watches from the world of movies.

The name’s Bond, James Bondjames_bond_casino_royal_Large_1600x900.jpg

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If there are any films that are associated with amazing watches it’s the Bond franchise. Beginning with the classic Rolex Submariner 6538 from the film that started it all, Dr. No, to the more recent Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600 42MM from Skyfall, every Bond has had his signature watch that is as much about the character as his other gadgets and cars.

The watch of the action-packed 80sSEIKO H558-5009 330241_Dial 1.JPG

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If the former governor of California and action-movie legend wears it, then it must be a special watch. The Seiko H558 was worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator, Commando and Running Man, so its military-grade look will come to no one as a surprise.

A watch fit for a KingsmanTAG-Heuer-KingsmanHD1-2-3.jpg

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If the first film is anything to go by, the latest Kingsman adventure will be filled with action-packed set pieces and well-developed characters. However, we’ll also be seeing some stylish clothes and a new watch called the Connected Modular 45. Manufactured by Tag Heuer. This is the perfect watch for a new age of gentleman spy.

The Superhero’s choice of timepiecejaeger-lecoultre-grande-reverso-tribute-to-1931-watch-3.jpg

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The luxury Swiss brand Jaeger has long been connected with the life of Bruce Wayne from the LeCoultre ‘Reverso’ in the early films to the Reverso ‘Grande Taille’ in the first installment of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy. Yet the most iconic watch has to be the limited-edition ‘Grande Reverso Ultra-Thin Tribute to 1931’, which was created for the final installment, Dark Knight Rises, as it also comes with an added Batman symbol.

From the past to the futurehamilton-email.jpg

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Even though it was re-released in 1997, the Hamilton Ventura XXL was still futuristic enough to appear in the Men in Black movies. Sporting a slight larger triangular face than that of the original, which was released in 1957, this was a famous watch even before it ventured into the world of sci-fi as it was a popular choice of Elvis Presley.

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