Montblanc’s iconic serpent clip is back and inspires the new anniversary collection of writing instruments, watches and leather products. The animal that symbolises life, rebirth, desire and fascination also brings a slimmer and longer silhouette to the pens and watches. The daring red also gives a sleek, contemporary look to the iconic pen. Here the managing director explains more about the collection and the brand’s presence throughout history.

Can you tell our readers about what you’re launching and what are the key highlights of the collection?
For our 110th anniversary, we are re-launching the Rouge et Noir collection, which was the first safety-fountain pen collection and launched in 1909. In accordance with our pioneering spirit—innovation, performance, high quality and fine craftsmanship—we are giving the original product a modern design while still keeping luxury in mind.

What can you share with watch and writing instrument collectors with regards to the link between Meisterstück writing instruments and the Meisterstück Heritage watch collection?
The watch we have here is from the Meisterstück Heritage collection that is inspired by the iconic Meisterstück writing instruments created in 1924. We have taken the values and traditions of the brand to design the new watch, because everything we do is linked to the past, with a touch of modernity to keep up with the times.

Read more about Anouar Guerraoui's vision in our 2016 August issue.

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