Inspired by the Ferrari supercar the FXX K, Hublot has come up with a “superwatch” that surpasses all in its class. And as a way to pay tribute to the FXX K, Hublot has worked together with Digital Domain to produce an animated movie that is just as stunning.

The Hublot MP-05 “LaFerrari” Sapphire is an ultra-light watch that weighs in at only 53.5 grams. The futuristic design of the case is machined from seven blocks of sapphire and takes more than 600 hours of workmanship to produce. Its one-of-a-kind movement—the HUB9005.H1.PN.1—is made up of ultra-lightweight carbon components. The movement is turned by 11 series-coupled barrels set in a spine formation that dominates the centre of the watch. This keeps the movement turning with its 637 components.

Even with the impressive list of technical achievements above, the highlight of the MP-05 is yet to be revealed. The crowning glory of the MP-05 “LaFerrari” Sapphire is its 50-day power reserve. The first of its kind from Hublot, the new power reserve is a record breaker: a behemoth worthy of the mighty 1200hp FXX K.

Digital Domain is known for works on Titanic, the Transformers trilogy, Iron Man 3, and many other Hollywood blockbusters. For years, Digital Domain has brought its visual artistry to thousands of commercials, video games, and music video productions. Digital Domain seemed to be the only choice to direct an animated movie of this magnitude.

The exclusive pre-release of this blockbuster was held at the Ace Museum in Los Angeles. The rooftop of the museum was turned into a futuristic drive-in cinema. Watched over by the iconic Hollywood sign and imbued with a little Hublot magic, the humble rooftop became a one-of-a-kind cinema truly worthy of the world’s movie capital. VIP guests got comfortable their personal Ferraris for the night.

As night fell over the City of Angels and the movie started, a wave of sensations swept across the rooftops. Sensations only Richard Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot, could describe so aptly at the time: “I feel as if I am this watch, this car; I am speed, speed, technology, invention, the record.” 

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