When the Apple Hermès watch was announced last September and then released to selected stores and boutiques around the world in October, two significant industries were merged together: technology and fashion. The Apple Watch was a breakthrough device that flew off the shelves, and adding Hermès in to the mix made everything a great deal more exciting.

Now, beginning on January 22, this enthralling innovation will be available to more than just those willing to travel to boutiques. It will become available on both Apple.com and Hermes.com, where the whole collection will be ready to order.

This collection consists of three styles, each of which features straps of handmade leather and a customisable stainless-steel Apple Watch face: The “Single Tour”, the “Double Tour”, and the “Cuff”. These options mean 10 models are available in a variety of colours.

The collaboration is a match made in heaven as Apple always intended for the its watch to be viewed as a luxury item, both technologically and fashionably. Meanwhile, Hermès benefits from the high quality associated with Apple’s brand and products.

There was much debate, when production of the Apple Watch commenced in April 2015, as to whether the product would be deemed stylish or not. Of course, this wasn’t a problem for avid Apple fans who generally aren’t concerned with how chic their products are, but instead with the technology and functionality behind them. And rightly so. But this perception barrier caused sales to be lower than they otherwise could have been.

The watch still managed to rack up 1 million pre-orders in the first day alone, but those numbers could have been boosted by acceptance in the fashion community if only they had looked, well, a bit more stylish.

So better late than never. Reflecting the hefty price tag, the Apple Hermès watches look great. If you’re thinking of buying one for yourself, you’ll be paying at least S$1,688 for the Single Tour, S$1,928 SRP for the Double Tour, and S$2,328 for the Cuff. So for this upgrade from the standard Apple Watch, the cost more than triples for the priciest option. But, of course, the old maxim holds true: you get what you pay for.

Now that the watches are available online, sales are expected to spike again. Convenience is a great motivator when it comes to shopping, especially when the product is useful as both a high-tech gadget and as an accessory.

In general, when the fashion and technology industries meet up, you know you’re in for something amazing, and now that e-shopping is brought into the mix, we’re not sure if this deal can get any sweeter for those interesting in sporting one of the chicest, most innovative accessories to date—right in time to wear during Fashion Week.

Photo Courtesy: Apple

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