When it comes to jewellery, many of us share a similar problem: we purchase a piece, but only wear it a few times. Sometimes, we even forget what we have bought and leave it lost inside large jewellery box. The problem is that we never realise that most likely have duplicate or damaged jewellery that we won’t wear again.

Of course, for any problem there is an antidote, and in this case it is Jewellery Detox. The first step in the programme is tounload your entire collection and separate it into categories—this will give you the chance to differentiate between those which are similar and which are not. Next, narrow them down to colours and stone types—you can throw out or donate the damaged ones and keep those you will wear in the future. Set the latter aside and put them in a place that is easy to find, such as a display armoire for necklaces or a ring box.


Caution: you will definitely feel guilty giving away jewels that you don’t want, but sometime giving them to friends or family members is better since they are usually one-size-fits-all. For those who have friends with the same jewellery tastes, you could invite them to a jewellery exchange party.

Of course, price will be an issue in this kind of situation since no one wants to end up with a piece with a lower value, but purge yourself of that thought and instead train your mind to think of it as an interesting way to gain new jewellery—mind over matter, or jewellery, in this case.

Mean while, if any items have sentimental value, you could always repair them and turn them into something new. This is an exciting experiment because you can come up with your own designs, and who doesn’t like be spoke designs? A necklace could be turned into a bracelet, or a ring into a beautiful necklace. Moreover, it’s always interesting to transforman out-of-date pieceinto something new to wear, or even to sell.

Jewellery detox is a great way to “honour” these precious items’ memories. It will help you to be creative, adventurous and resourceful, and, let’s be honest, it will be a whole lot of fun.

Photo Credit: The Perfect Setting, Lisa Krikawa. 

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