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Luxury watch and jewellery brand, Chopard, is taking a major step as the brand announced it will be producing its watches and jewellery using 100% ethical gold starting this July. Sustainability has always been one of Chopard’s core values and this will mark the pinnacle of its vision that began thirty years ago.

In 1963, Chopard was taken over and succeeded by the Scheufele family. The Scheufele family have placed ethics at the heart of the brand since the beginning. More than thirty years ago, the family had the vision to develop a vertically integrated in-house production, and to invest in mastering all the crafts, from a rare in-house gold foundry, to the skills of high jewellery artisans and expert watchmakers.

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Photo Courtesy of Chopard

Chopard describes “Ethical Gold” as gold that are obtained from responsible sources that have been verified as having met the International best practice environmental and social standards. From July, Chopard will source its ethical gold from artisanal freshly mined gold from small-scale mines participating in the Swiss Better Gold Association (SBGA) and the RJC Chain of Custody gold, through Chopard’s partnership with RJC-certified refineries.

Moreover, its commitment to sourcing responsibly and helping people in its supply chain, who are often overlooked, is a part of the brand’s journey to sustainable luxury. The journey began when Chopard made a philanthropic accord with the influential South American mining NGO, the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM). 

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Photo Courtesy of Chopard

With this announcement, Chopard will become the world’s first luxury watch and jewellery brand to support and enable gold mining communities to acquire Fairmined certification and the first to provide training, social welfare and environmental support.

“It is a bold commitment, but one that we must pursue if we are to make a difference to the lives of people who make our business possible.” – Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, Co-President of Chopard.

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