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Celebrating scuderia Ferrari’s anniversary, the Big Bang Scuderia Ferrari 90th Anniversary watch by Hublot is a representation of the rich history of one of the greatest racing teams in the world. Separated into three distinct limited-edition timepieces conceived in collaboration with the Ferrari Design Centre, each watch illustrates the development of the materials used in car racing over the years.

Intricate attention to detail and minute perfection are present in each watch, which mimic the level of sophistication synonymous with Scuderia Ferrari. The 45mm diameter of each of the three editions houses the famous UNICO movement, a fly-back chronograph that offers a 72-hour power reserve. Their bezel is cut in ceramic carbon—the same material that used for the Formula 1 brake discs.

Inspired by the early years of Scuderia Ferrari and the glory that filled them, the first platinum version embodies rich attention to detail and historical luxury. The visible metal parts evoke the peccary leather of the bucket seats, while the brushed look of the dashboard is represented by the platinum case and the stitched perforated strap. Its dial conjures up memories of old-fashioned speedometers with its calendar underlined in yellow; the finished watch falls in line with the purest traditions of car racing.

The second edition thrusts the focus towards the present day with 3D carbon used in the casing. Modern competitive racing places a large amount of focus on researching new composite materials and high technology. Its strap is made from Nomex, a fire-resistant synthetic fibre used to make racing drivers’ suits, and is given character by a red-and-black stitching finish. The focus on black and red theme mimics the colours used by Scuderia Ferrari for its single-seater Formula 1 cars.

Furthermore, the instantly recognizable transparent case provokes thoughts of the future and innovation yet to come. Made from sapphire—a material that is famously hard to work with—the watch has an uncompromising futuristic style. It demonstrates the extreme sophistication that technology is heading towards and the limitless possibilities that it creates for the future. Its strap has a highly modern Kevlar look that will appeal to both car lovers and watchmaking enthusiasts.

Each of the three versions of the Hublot Big Bang Scuderia Ferrari 90th Anniversary watch bears one of the three colours of the Scuderia on its border, the numbers, and the index. Yellow for the platinum edition, red for the 3D carbon edition, and black for the sapphire edition. All three are produced in a limited numbers, and 10 collector’s sets, which will house all three watches. The finished creations each bring to mind a state-of-the-art sense while celebrating the luxury, class, and finesse that is the very embodiment of Scuderia Ferrari.