Just because something works does not mean that it cannot be improved. The world was introduced to Hublot’s now-iconic Unico chronograph movement in 2010. In 2013, it powered the Hublot Big Bang, undeniably one of the brand’s biggest successes. Designed, developed, machined, and assembled by Hublot’s own engineers, micro-mechanics, and watchmakers, the Unico is a triumph of the manufacture’s ingenuity and dedication to the craft. Five years on, Hublot looks to shake things up again with the new and improved Unico.Big Bang Unico 42mm vs. Big Bang Unico 45mm (3).jpg

To be able to equip watches with its own exclusive movement is the goal of just about any watchmaker. It took years of research and development to perfect a movement that is versatile, dependable, and which can be serially manufactured. It takes a combination of the latest in high-tech automation and traditional watchmaking techniques to bring the Unico to life.

Not only does Hublot put together one of the most complex complications that can be found in a watch, it does it in style. It would be a waste to hide the inner workings of such a revolutionary movement, so its modernistic design featuring geometric cutouts allows a more immersive view into its workings. The Unico is also given a contemporary finish by means of dark electroplated surface treatments, with a matte finish and circular satin-brushed gears.411_441.OM.1180.RX_SD-HR-B.jpg

Building on the style, reliability, and robustness of the original, the watchmakers from the Nyon manufacture have reworked the structure of the movement to offer a slimmer version. Despite being slimmer, the new Unico still retains its predecessor’s best qualities—the double-clutch mechanism and a column wheel that can be seen from the dial side. The slimming down of the movement comes from the removal of the platform escapement and the introduction of a new and flatter self-winding system.

The engineers also overhauled the movement’s architecture in order to better facilitate its assembly and improve the wearer’s view of the operation through its dial and its windowed back cover. Pushing boundaries has always been a part of Hublot’s continuous innovation. With the new movement, four different patents were filed, including an oscillating seconds clutch and an adjustable ball-bearing chronograph friction system. The total number of components has increased from 330 to 354, with the new calibre having 43 rubies instead of the 38 in its predecessor. The new double reversing switch with ball-bearings, which replaced the Pellaton self-winding system, keeps power reserve at the same 72 hours.411_441.OX.1180.RX_PF-HR-B.jpg

The arrival of this new manufacture chronograph movement enables Hublot to offer its flagship Big Bang model in a smaller and slimmer 42mm version. Its reduced dimensions make the new Big Bang Unico accessible to an even wider audience. This is the watch for anyone looking to downsize, or a watch to match their smaller wrists. Sleek and stylish with a hint of ruggedness, the new Big Bang Unico is a great addition to any ensemble. Four variations of finishes are available: titanium, titanium ceramic, King Gold, and King Gold ceramic. Black, structured, and lined rubber straps on titanium and an 18K King Gold deployant buckle clasp complete the Big Bang.


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