In one stylish and disciplined stroke, Cartier has created a new classic: “The Hypnose” is a jewellery watch that is able to finely balance both sophisticated evening wear and exquisite day wear with its strong aesthetic appeal that manifests in the form and power of an illusion inspired by its lines.

The Hypnose line features a flattened oval case, unlike the original “Baignoire”. The case is pavé-set with diamonds. The case is further accentuated by an outer oval element, set with graduating diamonds. The pair of oval cases creates an illusion of concentric circles, with the black lacquer filling the hollow between the two cases, combined with the luminosity of the brilliant diamonds bring about a sense of savoir-faire.

The oval Cartier case was originally designed in 1912 by Louis Cartier. The first production oval-form watch was put into production in 1956. Known as the “Baignoire”, its distinct design was immediately recognised by the bulbous nature of the bezel. Paired with an oval-linked bracelet, and a concealed crown, it quickly became the quintessential women’s watch. Cartier is a company full of heritage, so it is no surprise that the Hypnose line harks back to such a classic design.

The Hypnose series comes in three different versions. The first version, dubbed “high jewellery”, comes with a diamond-set dial and bracelet. The second version comes with diamond-set dial and alligator skin strap. These two versions feature the black lacquer in between the two ovals, giving even more depth to the illusion. The last version comes with a silver dial and Roman numerals that have become characteristic of Cartier. All three versions are available in 18-carat white or pink gold, and comes in both small and large models. The Hypnose watches run on quartz movement, thus eliminating the need for a crown.

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