Since its inception in 2012, HYT has blazed new trails, experimenting and creating new innovations for its products. HYT, also known as Hydro Mechanical Horologists, uses the force of liquids to tell time, inspired by the ancient pharaohs who first invented Clepsydra, the water clocks.

But how does it work? Two flexible reservoirs with a capillary attached at each end are the core of the design. In one, an aqueous liquid contains fluorescein, while the other holds a viscous transparent liquid; both are kept apart by the repulsion force of the molecules in each fluid.

The hours are indicated by the coloured fluorescent aqueous liquid released from a flexible reservoir compressed by a piston. These reservoirs, or bellows, are located at 6 o’clock and are made from a supple electro-deposited alloy. The first coloured liquid travels through the capillary, pushing back the transparent viscous liquid into its own reservoir and then returning to its original position at 6 o’clock in a retrograde manner.

Now, HYT has reached its summit and cast a contemplative eye over three centuries of watchmaking with its H2 Tradition timepiece, which was unveiled during SIHH 2016. While still incorporating its fluid DNA, the latest H2 tradition kicks it up a notch by experimenting with the traditional code of watchmaking. 

The brand has defined its latest timepiece as a meeting of contemporary classic and futuristic retro, since it’s the first HYT with classic guilloché finishes, as well as delicate lacquered dials and blued hands. It also retains its hydro-mechanical aesthetic, thanks to the capillary with the blue fluid moving forwards as the hours pass.

HYT modified the design of the H2’s calibre to give it a more classic appearance. For example, the balance has been re-centred to provide room on the dial for the minutes. The case has also been redesigned, with the crown protector removed, in yet another nod towards the codes of watchmaking tradition.

At 48.8mm in diameter and 17.9mm in height, the new gem also has added several adjustments to allow for a diamond guilloché finish in rhodium-plated nickel silver on both sides. For example, the main plate had to be made slightly thicker, which in turn meant new tolerances had to be calculated for the movement.

For the appearance, the H2 Tradition features a polished, micro-blasted satin-finish in white gold and titanium. Meanwhile, the strap boasts a patent blue alligator and titanium deployed buckle.

“While the initial idea—to create a classic HYT—was simple enough, in practice, ways of preserving the identity of the piece, while imbuing it with codes which are not naturally its own, had to be constantly found. It’s a fantastic challenge, suggested by our collector customers, and one that we have met with aplomb,” says Vincent Perriard, CEO of HYT.

Photos Courtesy: HYT Press