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Enveloped within heavy glass windows flanked by white walls, OMEGA’s factory in the quaint Swiss town of Bienne provides one with a feeling of warmth amid the crisp, cold air outside. The simple walls and tiles complement the brand’s illuminated name located just behind the reception table.


Photo Courtesy of OMEGA

Each of the five floors in the factory is designed for different processes in the brand’s watchmaking journey, bringing technical innovation and human expertise together in a streamlined manufacturing process. Staff members are made comfortable in bright spacious rooms overlooking the green valleys of Bienne, while meticulously performing their tasks in eco-friendly, dust-free surroundings.


Photo Courtesy of OMEGA

The new factory represents the industry’s most cutting-edge facility for watch assembly, training, and quality control. The building combines all of the brand’s assembly and testing processes under one roof using a consolidated system of work, taking productivity and output to an optimum level.

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Photo Courtesy of OMEGA

All steps, including those on T2 (watch assembly), T3 (bracelets), and T4 (shipping), as well as stock and logistics, are completed inside the facility. In addition, the building, which was designed by Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, is used for training purposes, enabling OMEGA to constantly improve and sharpen the skills of its staff.

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Meanwhile, approximately 15 minutes away on a quiet street lies OMEGA’s archive: The Musée Omega, which is home to the first creations of Louis Brandt in 1848, as well as the desk he worked from and the growing collection of OMEGA watches over the years. The brand’s reputation and innovation has brought it numerous awards in its 150 years of excellence.


Photo Courtesy of OMEGA

Accolades and achievements have also piled up. OMEGA has been the official Olympic timekeeper at approximately 21 games through the years and has introduced numerous innovations in Olympic sports over the years. On account of its precision and reliability, OMEGA’s Speedmaster watch was chosen by NASA as its official chronometer in 1965, and it was the first to be worn on the moon by Neil Armstrong.


Photo Courtesy of OMEGA

Later on, the James Bond 007 series also featured OMEGA’s timepieces on the wrists of its leading actors. Musée Omega is also home to the original watch presented to former US President John F. Kennedy with a handwritten letter by his wife, Jacqueline. The watch was purchased by OMEGA at an auction.

With continuous growth, innovation, and an uncanny ability to understand the market, OMEGA remains a leader among many—and a time-tested brand beloved of leaders and innovators.

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