Photo Courtesy of Tudor

After appointing several renowned figures like David Beckham, Lady Gaga as well as the New Zealand All Blacks, Swiss luxury watch manufacturer, Tudor, has named Taiwanese star, Jay Chou, as its latest brand and #BornToDare campaign ambassador. Know as the “King of Asian Pop”, Jay Chou has pushed the boundaries all over the world. The 39-year-old heartthrob, singer, songwriter and actor seem to be the ideal star for the campaign.


Photo Courtesy of Tudor

As a man of taste and culture, Jay Chou wears the new TUDOR 1926, a highly refined yet understated mechanical timepiece that combines traditional horology aesthetics and contemporary high-performance watchmaking as seen in the brand’s campaign.


Photo Courtesy of Tudor

Tudor’s #BornToDare campaign depicts both the history of the brand and what it stands for today. Referring to the founder of Tudor, Hans Wilsdorf, Tudor watches was created to withstand extreme conditions, made for the most daring lifestyles. The Born To Dare spirit itself is presented in a campaign manifesto, supported by global ambassadors whose life achievements are a result of their daring approach to life.


Photo Courtesy of Tudor

As Tudor officially stated, “we are devoted to the classic, but reject to the status quo.” The brand keeps the best of the past, the best watchmaking practices and best designs, and yet pushes the boundaries of what’s new—all born for a purpose and field-tested to the extreme. For those who are up for anything, those who face their fears, and those who re-invent themselves everyday: a Tudor is #BornToDare.

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