Tudor has just recently announced another big name ambassador. Yes, the Mother Monster Lady Gaga joins the Tudor family! Awarded actress, astounding voice, and a style icon, Lady Gaga is the perfect fit for the #BornToDare campaign, and not to mention her provocative style and political statements, she is about total showmanship.

 Lady Gaga is also a vocal activist, not only using music as her medium, she also full of charity agenda and non-profit work. Gaga is also known for her Born This Way foundation, where she committed to supporting the wellness of young people and empowering them to create a kinder world.

 Tudor was interested in Lady Gaga’s image, because they like Lady Gaga’s milestone on fighting against fur, and being an advocate for the rights of the LGBT community. The “Born To Dare” campaign reflects both the history of the brand, and what its stands for today. And the company believes that the “Born To Dare” spirit will be expressed more through the right ambassadors whose life achievements result from a daring approach to life.

“She is an artist like no other, constantly pushing the boundaries as a musician, actor and fashion icon. Some are born to follow. Others are #BornToDare. Welcome to the Tudor Watch family, Lady Gaga,” said Tudor on their Instagram post, with Lady Gaga tagged.

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