Silvia Damiani started working with the Damiani Group when she was only 19. It was a casual summer job that she did to better get to know her father, Damiano Damiani, son of the brand’s founder. But her experience was so memorable that, when combined with her personal passion, she couldn’t help but get involved in the jewellery industry and quickly reach a senior position.

Recently, the Damiani Group acquired the Venini glass company, which has the same design philosophy of passion, tradition and innovation. It also puts its customers first: Damiani remains the only jewellery brand that gives its customers lifetime insurance for its pieces. We caught up with Silvia recently to get to know her and her brand better.

What is your personal style?

Compared with European woman, I’m considered petite, although I do believe that beauty is a matter of proportion. If it’s not proportional, it won’t be beautiful. As to my style, I like things that match without being too similar; something that suits my character. I do like to look different and to mix and match with the perfect balance. I wouldn’t wear a whole jewellery set all at once, for example.

What was your first memorable piece of jewellery?

I got my first Damiani piece when I had my first communion. It was a little bracelet with pearls. I remember that after the ceremony I played in the garden for so long that I lost it the same day. Of course, I didn’t get presents again for a long time after that [laughs]. The second was a Bermuda triangle ring—my first really important piece of jewellery—which was given by my father in my early 20s. I still keep it as my personal lucky charm.

Do you wear any jewellery or watches other than Damiani?

To be honest, I’ve only worn Damiani since I was a child.

When is the best time to wear jewellery?

The truth is that I believe every moment is a good moment to wear jewellery. The only time I don’t wear my jewellery is when I sleep and when I shower.

What things do you always carry?

My phone, which I also put a Damiani casing on, and of course, my jewellery.

What is your most valuable possession?

I won’t say it’s a possession: it’s my 12-year-old son.

How do you measure success?

Personal fulfillment, without a doubt. If you’re happy in and about yourself, then you’re successful.

What is your favourite indulgence?

Having a massage, chocolate, and champagne. Maybe not all at the same time [laughs].

If you weren’t doing what do you now, what would you be?

An interior decorator. I love design and I love fabrics and good-quality leather, as well as lighting. I love how a change in decoration and lighting can completely change the feeling of a room.

(Text by Amadea Maya)

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