Recently unveiled at BaselWorld 2016, Hautlence’s Playground Labyrinth is nothing like we have seen before. Why? Because the new timepiece doesn’t tell the time.

The first model from the Playground collection, the Labyrinth has no dials or numbers to tell the time and features a ball maze game instead that can be navigated around by moving your wrist. The maze-like dial is carved in solid white gold and features an 18k polished platinum ball wrapped in a rectangular titanium case. The watch’s glass is made of an extra-hard bevelled sapphire crystal with anti-reflective features. Each watch comes with brown, satin-finished Louisiana alligator leather for strap.

The brand described the new collection in an official statement as “an entirely essential yet fundamentally useless object”. However, the keyword here is essential and the statement rings true. With the Playground collection, Hautlence aims to bring a new chronometric element to the table and to offer an absolute disconnection in an increasingly connected world where everything, including the time, is available at the push of a button.

Once you manoeuvre the ball across the labyrinth into the hole placed at 6 o’clock, you can turn the watch’s crown dial to activate a clever mechanical lift, which feeds the ball back onto the labyrinth using a camshaft system visible through the transparent backing. Who said you need smartwatches to play games on your wrist?

The Labyrinth models are limited to 18 pieces of each and priced at CHF 12,000 (Rp 165 million), with the price based on the exchange rate of CHF to IDR as of April 6, 2016.

Photo by Hautlence

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