The world of luxury horology is difficult enough to enter as it is. To do it in 2016 during the downturn of the industry is bold; bordering on reckless, in fact. However, that is just what four individuals came together to do in September 2016. Much to everyone’s surprise, the watchmakers were very excited to work with a new group despite its very different take on horology. Continuing its brilliant streak, the company barely required the nine months it gave itself to raise funds to start production—it reached its target within the first month. Hailing from France, Reservoir is the luxury horology world’s most radical new entrant in recent years.

With a mere glimpse of a Reservoir timepiece, one would immediately be able to identify the various features that separate them from the rest of the pack. Recently, Indonesia Tatler sat down with Francois Nakkachdji, International Business Development Director and Partner at EBI Watch’s INDEPENDENT boutique in Pacific Place Jakarta mall, to discuss the origins, inspiration, and uniqueness of Reservoir.

For those who have not heard of or seen Reservoir watches, how would you describe them?

Francois Moreau, our partner who first came up with the concept, has always had an obsession with vintage measuring instruments and watches. Combining the two, we have managed to come up with a brand-new way to read time. The design of the dial is inspired by the dashboards of classic race cars, airplanes, and submarines. Replicating the way they are read, the watch only has one hand—a retrograde minute hand—that jumps back to the starting point once it reaches the end of the hour. The jumping hour indicator is inspired by the distance counter of vintage cars, while the power reserve meter resembles a fuel gauge.

What would you say is the quality that makes Reservoir timepieces stand out from the crowd?

As I mentioned, I would have to say first and foremost it’s the design aesthetics. Not only is the design a wonderful tribute to the vehicles of yesteryear—it also provides a new yet simple way of reading time. In addition, Reservoir watches occupy a unique market position. For timepieces handmade in Switzerland, they come in at a very affordable price point.

What is it about Indonesia that makes it attractive for Reservoir?

I believe that there is a lot of potential in the Indonesian market. I find that Indonesian consumers are not as influenced by the bigger brands as others and are more open to novelties. I am confident that Indonesian consumers will be able to recognise the uniqueness that Reservoir brings. The boutique in Jakarta is our first in Asia.

How has your past experience of working with fine wines, at Rolex, and the French Embassy in China helped with your role in developing Reservoir?

Each of the four partners at Reservoir have their own focus. For me, my focus is on business development, especially in Asia. I also supervise production. Currently, we are preparing for Baselworld 2019, where we hope to present new novelties, new complications, and new case sizes.

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