Richard mille’s Bonbon collection comprises 10 new models each produced in a limited edition of 30 pieces. Together, they articulate a sweet and tangy vision of artisan watchmaking. Composed of candies, pastries, and fruit, these 10 horological treats are a burst of colours accompanied by chromatic expressions that subverts the existing conventional roots of the brand itself.

Based on three of the brand’s iconic models—the RM 07-01, the RM 016, and the RM 037 Richard Mille has taken the lid off the candy jar to create a delightful mix of watches the brand has never seen before. “The idea was to revisit the existing collections while playing with colour,” explains Cécile Guenat, artistic director for the collection. “This allowed me to bring out a pop-inspired sense of fun. In all, we developed a palette of 60 colours for this unisex collection.”

Richard Mille is well known for the use of an expansive colour spectrum within its collections. However, the Bonbon Collection is an amalgamation of stunning graphic compositions that offer a wealth of shades and textures appearing in every component of each watch. The crowns and some of the case bands, for instance, take the shapes of particular treats, such as gelato or cake.

Further broken down into two collections, Richard Mille has created two sub-collections from the Bonbon collection: the Sweets collection and the Fruit line.

The Sweets collection comprises four models all engulfed in two-tone ceramic cases that set off their black enamel or blackchromed titanium confections. The RM 07-03 Cupcake, the RM 07-03 Marshmallow, the RM 37-01 Sucette, and the RM 16-01 Réglisse are colourful and evoke a whole spectrum of flavours.

The Fruit line is a homage to the very concept of sweet temptation in six delectable flavours: lemon and strawberry (RM 16-01 Citron et Fraise), blueberry and litchi (RM 07-03 Myrtille et Litchi), and kiwi and cherry (RM 37-01 Kiwi et Cerise).

In addition to colour-gradient cases made from Carbon TPT® combined with Quartz TPT® of a different hue for each model is an all-new turquoise colour. Painted in acrylics and lacquered by hand, the 3,000 miniature sculptures integrated in these compositions stand out from the dials, turning each one into a sachet full of tiny candies.

Applying the science of materials, colours, and textures to the realm of confectionary, Richard Mille has launched a vast collection of delicious and evocative pieces. Whether in the Sweet line or the Fruit, every watch in the Bonbon collection promises a journey of horological ecstasy.